David Harburg

	An Ann Arbor based artist who has been working on 
	revitalizing the songs by his great grandfather, Yip Harburg.
	Most know for his lyrics in the movie The Wizard of Oz, Yip has over 200 
	other songs and poems. David Harburg is hoping to bring some of his 
	work into the 21st century, as well as share some of his own.

Alanna Boudreau

	Alanna Boudreau is a woman richly gifted, both naturally and supernaturally. A writer, speaker, lyricist, 
	pianist, and guitar player, she pushes beyond the pulse of things and into the very marrow of human 
	experience, canvassing songs rich in melodic appeal and thematic telos. Her voice - which is agile, 
	richly-toned, and refreshingly distinct - creates within the listener the same sense of attentiveness and 
	receptivity inspired by the voice of an intimate friend, while simultaneously coming in contact with 
	those areas of the mind and heart that are seldom agitated: the imagery she presents can disturb the 
	oft-forgotten perimeter of one’s comfort zone.

	For more information or CD purchase, follow the link below

Alanna Boudreau Music